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Molecular Biology

Our Portfolio involves isolation and characterization of DNA or RNA for use in applications such as genotyping, gene expression analysis, epigenetic analysis, microbiome studies and more.

Experimental methods fundamental to nucleic acid analysis include nucleic acid extraction and clean up, DNA/RNA quantification, PCR, molecular cloning and sequencing.

DNA Extraction

RNA Extraction

Plasmid Purification

DNA & RNA  Clean-Up / Concentration

DNA & RNA Quantitation

Cloning and DNA Markers



Epigenetics Kits & Reagent

More Products

Cell Analysis

  • Bioassays for biologics drug discovery
  • Cell health assays
  • Detection and quantification of signaling pathways
  • Energy metabolism assays
  • Oxidative stress assays
  • Cell line authentication

Cell Culture

Authenticated and characterized cells

Genetic Identity

Forensic DNA analysis


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