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    For decades, researchers have relied on our media, cell cultures, reagents, and kits for their laboratories. Our proven products and equipment are sourced from leading companies for use in cell culture & analysis, protein analysis, and more. Working closely with our customers, our handpicked team devises custom solutions for cell authentication and cell bank production and specialized kits and reagents to help researchers achieve the results they want.
    You can find with us filter products in full scale up from the laboratory stage to the production stage. At IMBH we bring you advanced filtration solutions for the beverage and food market in Israel.

    Our Story | A Brief Overview

    IMBH and in its full name, Beit HaEmek Import and Marketing, specializes in life sciences solutions and process filtration. We are proud to represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers, delivering top-tier products tailored to our consumers’ unique needs. Alongside our products, we are committed to providing unmatched support, expert advice, and hands-on implementation guidance.

    Founded in 2021, IMBH was born from a passion to ensure the continuity of the extensive work in our specialized field. This initiative began after the shutdown of the Biological Industries’ import division. With a legacy dating back to 1981, we are dedicated to upholding the service and quality standards our customers have come to expect.

    Over the years, we’ve built robust relationships with global partners, ensuring that our clients- ranging from research laboratories to breweries and wineries across the country – receive the best products and services.

    A notable feature of Kibbutz Beit Hamek is its rich agricultural tradition. Renowned for its avocados, lychees, and bananas, many of our clients relish these fruits. It’s this very connection to the land that has led some of our clients to develop innovative solutions for agriculture and crop enhancement.

    Our Team


    Diana Goldstein, M.Sc
    P: 054-4819324
    T: 04-8689011
    Rachel Gaash, Ph.D
    VP Sales & Marketing
    P: 054-3956936
    Niva Shraga-Heled, Ph.D
    Manager of scientific affairs & business development
    P: 054-8068056
    Adi Rozen Edri
    Marcom and Import manager
    P: 054-8267436

    Sales Team

    Tammy Farcas, M.Sc
    Brand Leader
    P: 052-4793200
    Rachel Bayuh, M.Sc
    P: 054-3449553
    Haya Bar Kohav, B.Sc
    P: 054-5356963
    Almog Zeiger
    P: 054-3532805
    Aviad Stoler, M.Sc
    Field Application Specialist
    P: 054-6546076
    Or Carmel
    P: 058-4706392
    Avi Stewart
    Filteration Systems Expert
    P: 052-8899900

    Customer Service

    Einav Gutman, B.Sc
    Customer Service Manager
    T: 04-8689013
    Liya Cotton
    Customer Service
    T: 04-8689004
    Orit Uzan
    Customer Service
    T: 04-8689012


    Alona Koresh
    Accounts Manager
    P: 054-8068056
    T: 04-8689014
    Nicole Lindeman
    T: 04-8682237

    Contact Us

    Tel: 04-8689015
    Fax: 04-8689010
    Beit Haemek, Israel 2511500

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      IMBH - Import and Marketing Beit HaEmek, Israel.
      Distributor and supplier of ATCC, Promega, Promocell, Chemometec, Biowest, LSG, Reprocell, AnyGenes, ABClonal, CelVivo, Softgenetics, Filtrox, Quatroflow, Amazon Filters, Industrial Filters and Vectron.
      Biotechnology products for molecular biology, cell analysis, cell culture, genetic identification, microbiology, protein analysis, advanced filtration for the food and beverage market and unique filtration solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market.

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