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    Our Best Sellers – DNA Extraction
    19 Jul 2023

    Our Best Sellers – DNA Extraction

    View our list of best selling products. For more products in the category, contact us!

    ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System – A5081 | A5082
    Extracts DNA from a maximum of 200μl of Blood or Body Fluid without using ethanol, preventing alcohol-related inhibition and carryover. Achieves high yield and purity with as little as 50μl elution. Delivers consistent results from one run to the next and across different users.

    ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System – A2351 | A2352
    Extracts whole, amplifiable DNA from FFPE tissue, involving minimal setup time; Deparaffinizes securely without the need for severe organic solvents. Eliminates the need for overnight digestion

    ReliaPrep™ gDNA Tissue Miniprep System – A2051 | A2052
    Manual extraction of genomic DNA from as little as 25mg tissue, 1 buccal swab, or 1cm mouse tail, without using ethanol, preventing alcohol-related inhibition and carryover. Yields high recovery and purity with a minimum of 50μl elution. Ensures uniform results across different runs and users.

    Wizard® Genomic DNA Purification Kit – A1120 | A1125 | A1620
    Manual, liquid-based method for DNA extraction, from sources such as blood, animal and plant cells, bacteria, or yeast. The protocol can be scaled up or down, completed within 60 minutes.

    Wizard® SV Genomic DNA Purification System – A2360 | A2361
    Quickly extracts DNA from tissues or cells.
    Option between spin or vacuum purification methods.

    Automated DNA extraction kits:

    Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit – AS1490
    Automated DNA extraction from plant tissues.
    Offers uniform purification without organic extractions and little preprocessing.

    Maxwell® RSC DNA FFPE Kit – AS1450
    Automated DNA extraction from 1 to 48 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections.
    without the use of xylene and other dangerous organic solvents.

    Maxwell® RSC Blood DNA Kit – AS1400
    Automated DNA purification from whole blood.
    Extract DNA from 50–300µl of whole blood using an easy procedure with minimal hands-on time.
    Ensures high yields of clean and amplifiable DNA.
    Suitable for blood preserved in EDTA, heparin, and citrate anticoagulants.

    Maxwell® RSC PureFood GMO and Authentication Kit – AS1600
    Extracts top-quality DNA from various food and feed samples.
    Yields highly concentrated DNA.
    Simple five-step process, saving time and bypassing the need for organic extraction steps.

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