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    Cell Culture

    We deliver relevant in vitro models and research tools, such as authenticated and characterized primary cells as well as immortalized, stem, and continuous cell lines. Disease and cellular pathway-specific cell line panels with genomic metadata and assay ready genomic DNA are also available.

    Cell Culture Maintenance

    Human Primary Cells

    Continuous Human and Animal Cell lines

    hTERT Immortalized Cells

    3D Cultures

    Reporter Cell lines

    Stem Cells

    Human Serum

    Cell Culture Media

    Cancer Cell culture

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    Tel: 04-8689015
    Fax: 04-8689010
    Beit Haemek, Israel 2511500

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      IMBH - Import and Marketing Beit HaEmek, Israel.
      Distributor and supplier of ATCC, Promega, Promocell, Chemometec, Biowest, LSG, Reprocell, AnyGenes, ABClonal, CelVivo, Softgenetics, Filtrox, Quatroflow, Amazon Filters, Industrial Filters and Vectron.
      Biotechnology products for molecular biology, cell analysis, cell culture, genetic identification, microbiology, protein analysis, advanced filtration for the food and beverage market and unique filtration solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market.

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