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    Process Filtration with IMBH’s Range of Products
    27 Nov 2023

    Process Filtration with IMBH’s Range of Products

    In every industry, ensuring the purity and quality of products is paramount. This is where process filtration steps in as a crucial component. At IMBH, we partner with Filtrox, a leader in filtration technology, to bring you a diverse range of products that cater to different filtration needs across various industries.

    Our filtration solutions are designed to meet the stringent standards of the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s clarifying juices or wines, or ensuring the purity of dairy products, our range of products provide a seamless filtration experience ensuring the highest quality in your final products​.

    Mastering Depth Filtration

    Depth filtration is a core aspect of process filtration, effectively removing particles, bacteria, and other impurities from liquids. Our offerings include Filtrox’s FILTRODISC BIO SD, which is engineered for biotech applications, ensuring a high level of purity and efficiency in operations​.

    Depth Filtration: A Deep Dive into Purity
    In the realm of liquid purification, depth filtration stands as a quintessential method ensuring clarity, fineness, and sterility. This article aims to elucidate the core principles, mechanisms, and applications of depth filtration, shedding light on how it contributes to the production of liquid filtrate.

    Fundamental Principles:
    Depth filtration operates via two primary principles: surface filtration and depth filtration. The process begins with the liquid traversing through a filter medium, which is essentially a thick layer ranging between 2.5 to 4.5 mm. As the liquid courses through, the filtration occurs in two stages. Initially, surface filtration ensnares larger particles on the filter’s surface. Subsequently, depth filtration takes over, where smaller particles are captured within the three-dimensional fiber network of the filter medium.

    The liquid’s journey through the filter medium is not merely a mechanical process. It’s an intricately choreographed dance between mechanical and electrokinetic effects within an asymmetrical fiber network. This network significantly amplifies the filter’s intake and adsorbing capacity, retaining the solid constituents within the liquid. The culmination of this process yields a purified liquid known as the filtrate, with the retained solids termed as retentate.

    Filter Sheets:
    A crucial component in depth filtration is the utilization of filter sheets. These sheets are a blend of receptive fibers like cellulose coupled with powdery, inorganic filter aids like kieselguhr and perlite. The retention rate of particles can be tailored by altering the grinding method along with the volume and type of base material used as the filter aid. Additionally, small quantities of polymer resin, acting as a wet-strength agent, are added. The resin induces a positive charge, or “zeta potential,” which augments the adsorption of small, negatively-charged particles or micro-organisms.

    Enhanced Filtration Capacity:
    To tackle high particle loads which could potentially blind standard filters, filter aids like kieselguhr are employed in an alluvial filtration process. Herein, filter aids are suspended in liquid and floated onto a supporting sheet within a plate & frame filter, forming a filter cake. This cake, thicker than typical filter sheets, extends the filter’s life due to its superior slurry absorption capacity. Moreover, the separation mechanism parallels that of filter sheets, where an increase in differential pressure signifies the exhaustion of the filter configuration.

    Modular Approach:
    Depth filtration also embraces a modular approach via depth filter modules. This entails a filter housing pre-loaded with a filter pack, simplifying the filtration process while saving time and effort. The module’s efficacy is monitored through the difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet, along with the flow rate of the liquid. Under certain conditions, regeneration of the filter is plausible, marking a stride towards sustainable filtration processes.

    Depth filtration, with its multi-faceted approach and adaptable configurations, plays a pivotal role in liquid purification. Whether through filter sheets or modular setups, it stands as a reliable method for both sterile and clarifying filtration, ensuring the desired purity in the liquid filtrate.

    Innovations in Life Sciences Filtration

    Life sciences applications demand precise filtration solutions. Our products cater to a variety of applications including pharmaceutical production, biologics, and more. With Filtrox’s depth filtration solutions, achieve optimal purity and quality in your life science applications​.

    In the rapidly evolving field of life sciences, ensuring purity and quality is paramount. Filtrox’s filtration solutions are meticulously designed to cater to diverse life sciences applications, from pharmaceutical production to intricate research and development endeavors. The crux of achieving optimal results lies in selecting the appropriate filtration technology tailored to the specific application. Filtrox’s depth filtration, known for its efficacy in eliminating contaminants from liquids such as particles, bacteria, and viruses, stands as a trusted choice among life sciences professionals.

    In the realm of pharmaceutical manufacturing, the journey from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to the final product is laden with challenges. Depth filtration plays a pivotal role in removing various impurities that may surface during the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring the safety and efficacy of the final product. Particularly, the media with immobilized activated carbon in Filtrox’s product lineup offers a veraity of opportunities for API manufacturers worldwide to optimize their processes.

    Nurturing Biotech Breakthroughs:
    Bioprocessing and biopharmaceutical production often involve the extraction of target molecules from cell broths. However, these broths could also harbor unwanted materials like cell debris and nucleic acids, which can adversely affect downstream processes. Filtrox’s BIO SD product line, designed for single-use, effectively addresses the challenges posed by high cell densities in cell broths, ensuring a smoother clarification process.

    Enhancing Cosmetic Quality:
    The cosmetic industry heavily relies on filtration to ensure the active ingredients meet the requisite quality and safety standards. Filtrox, with its extensive experience and innovative filtration solutions, assists cosmetic manufacturers in removing impurities, thereby achieving the desired therapeutic or aesthetic effects.

    Elevate Your Frying Oil Filtration

    Frying oil filtration is critical for maintaining the quality of food while reducing operational costs. The SuperSorb® Carbon Pads, provide an innovative solution for frying oil filtration and treatment, ensuring cleaner oil and consistent food quality with each use​​.

    The foodservice industry constantly seeks to optimize operations while ensuring food quality. Filtrox, with its innovative SuperSorb Carbon Pads, rises to this challenge by offering an efficient solution for frying oil filtration and treatment. The Carbon Pads, developed alongside foodservice operators, provide a unique blend of activated carbon and specialty adsorbents encapsulated within cellulose fibers, ensuring fine oil filtration by removing harmful contaminants.

    The SuperSorb Carbon Pads work through a process of depth filtration where larger solids are caught on the surface while smaller solids get trapped within the pad’s structure, which has an abundance of internal pores to hold a high degree of solids. As oil travels through the pad, the internal structure tightens, ensuring even the finest solids are captured. Moreover, active carbon and specialty adsorbent powders built into the pads actively treat the oil by removing and reducing metallic ions, soaps, color, odor, off flavors, and finer particulates, which, if not removed, would accelerate oil degradation.

    With no need for additional “polishing,” the oil remains cleaner post-filtration, thus extending its usability, saving costs, and maintaining a consistent food quality. Filtrox’s solutions, including the versatile SuperSorb Carbon Pads and the Model LS-2 Portable Filtration Machine, exemplify a blend of simplicity, efficiency, and environmental consciousness, meeting the diverse needs of foodservice operators​​.

    At IMBH, As an official distributor of Filtrox in Israel, we strive to deliver filtration solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our partnership with Filtrox allows us to offer a wide range of products tailored for different industrial applications. Explore our product range and discover how we can assist you in achieving unparalleled purity and efficiency in your operations.

    Note: The information for the article was derived from Filtrox’s official website. For a deeper insight, contact us.

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