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    Our Best Sellers – Process Filtration
    27 Nov 2023

    Our Best Sellers – Process Filtration

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    SCALE-UP Test Kit

    The Test-Kit includes 10 varied PURASPIN® units for 20 mL trials
    Comes with a 2″ capsule featuring a range of filter sheets for validation
    Provides essential information for accurate scale-up calculations

    LIBRASORB® TX Test Kit for Wine

    Effectively removes unwanted aromas, enhancing sensory attributes and adding value to the final product
    Using LIBRASORB® TX in beverage treatment lowers TCA and TBA levels below flavor thresholds while preserving the aroma profile
    Test the impact on your beverage with the lab-scale TX test kit, which includes a 2″ TX filter capsule, a connection hose, and a syringe


    Stainless Steel Lab Filter Designed for Alluvial Filtration
    Ideal for filtration experiments and developing new applications at the laboratory scale
    Compatible with any FILTROX depth filter sheet of 60 mm diameter
    The filter holder is crafted from 316L stainless steel, making it suitable for handling critical liquids
    Comes with an option to filter in diatomaceous earth and without (LABTROX 60A)

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      IMBH - Import and Marketing Beit HaEmek, Israel.
      Distributor and supplier of ATCC, Promega, Promocell, Chemometec, Biowest, LSG, Reprocell, AnyGenes, ABClonal, CelVivo, Softgenetics, Filtrox, Quatroflow, Amazon Filters, Industrial Filters and Vectron.
      Biotechnology products for molecular biology, cell analysis, cell culture, genetic identification, microbiology, protein analysis, advanced filtration for the food and beverage market and unique filtration solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market.

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