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    Our Best Sellers – Cell Health Assays
    27 Nov 2023

    Our Best Sellers – Cell Health Assays

    View our list of best selling products. For more products in the category, contact us!

    CellTiter-Glo®- Cell Viability Assay – G9241 | G9242 | G9243 | G7570 | G7571 | G7572 | G7573
    A Quick and Efficient Luminescent Cell Viability Assay based on ATP measurement

    CellTiter-Glo® 3D Cell Viability Assay – G9681 | G9682 | G9683
    Precise 3D Microtissue Culture-Validated Cell Viability Assay
    Straightforward, quick procedure

    LDH-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay J2380 | J2381
    Enhanced Sensitivity (luminescent) LDH Assay for Accurate Cytotoxicity Measurement
    Capable of detecting LDH release from minimal cell quantities, suitable for 3D cell models
    Enables ongoing cytotoxicity monitoring from the same sample over time
    Allows for increased data collection per well by combining with other cell-based assays

    RealTime-Glo™ MT Cell Viability Assay – G9711 | G9712 | G9713
    Real-Time Cell Viability Monitoring for saving time, reducing cell culture and reagent expenses
    Allows quick identiication of alterations in cell viability

    CellTiter 96® AQueous Non-Radioactive Cell Proliferation Assay (MTS) – G5421 | G5430 | G5440
    Simple Colorimetric Technique for Viable Cell Count Determination (similar to XTT)

    BacTiter-Glo™ Microbial Cell Viability Assay – G8230 | G8231 | G8232 | G8233
    Luminescent Assay for Quantifying Viable Microbial Cells in Culture
    Single reagent, rapid procedure with increased sensitivity

    CellTox™ Green Cytotoxicity Assay – G8741 | G8742 | G8743
    Real-Time Assay for kinetic Cell Death detection (up to 72 hours) with Multiplexing Capability
    Adaptable protocol for both kinetic analysis and endpoint evaluation

    Caspase-Glo® 3/7 Assay System – G8090 | G8091 | G8093 | G8092
    Caspase Activity Assay Tailored for Apoptosis Identification
    Highly sensitive, necessitating minimal cell and enzyme quantities
    Direct add-mix-measure approach, eliminating the need for sample preparation
    Conveniently adaptable to 96-, 384-, and 1,536-well plate formats

    Griess Reagent System – G2930
    Assay for Measuring Nitrite in diverse biological sample types, a Key Nitric Oxide Degradation Product

    ROS-Glo™ H2O2 Assay G8820 | G8821
    Direct, rapid Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Detection Method

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