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    Our Best Sellers – Energy Metabolism
    13 Dec 2023

    Our Best Sellers – Energy Metabolism

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    Glucose-Glo™ Assay – J6021 | J6022

    This assay allows for the detection of even minor variations in glucose levels across various sample types. It is sensitive enough to detect glucose concentrations in the nanomolar (nM) range. Moreover, the assay provides a highly effective signal-to-background ratio, ensuring precise and reliable measurements of glucose changes.

    Lactate-Glo™ Assay – J5021 | J5022

    This rapid and sensitive lactate assay is suitable for a diverse range of biological samples, offers a linear range of lactate detection, effective up to 200µM.

    Glucose Uptake-Glo™ Assay – J1341 | J1342 | J1343

    This assay provides a straightforward, bioluminescent method to measure glucose uptake within cells, designed to achieve sensitive detection while maintaining broad linearity across a range of concentrations.

    Griess Reagent System – G2930

    This assay is designed to measure nitrite, a primary breakdown product of nitric oxide in a wide array of biological sample types.

    Mitochondrial ToxGlo™ Assay – G8000 | G8001

    This cell-based approach is tailored for predicting potential mitochondrial dysfunction. It enables the differentiation between primary mitochondrial dysfunction and secondary cytotoxic events.

    ROS-Glo™ H2O2 Assay – G8820 | G8821

    This method is specifically tailored for the simple, quick and direct detection of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

    NAD(P)H-Glo™ Detection System – G9061 | G9062

    This assay is designed to monitor the concentration of the reduced forms of NADH and NADPH. It is a highly sensitive and rapid bioluminescent assay, ensuring precise and efficient detection, adaptable for high-throughput formats.

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