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    Introducing the Future of 3D Cell Culture: The ClinoStar System by CelVivo 
    03 Oct 2023

    Introducing the Future of 3D Cell Culture: The ClinoStar System by CelVivo 

    In the ever-evolving world of cellular research, the quest for models that can accurately replicate in vivo conditions has been a longstanding challenge. read more below about the CelVivo Bioreactor for culturing cells in 3D in a dynamic shear-stress free environment.

    Traditional 2D cell cultures have their limitations, often failing to mimic the complex environment of living organisms, while 3D cell culture promises to bridge the gap between in vitro studies and real-life biological processes.

    Why 3D Over 2D?

    The limitations of 2D cell cultures are evident. Cells grown in a monolayer on stiff plastic surfaces often lack the intricate interactions and structures found in living tissues. On the other hand, 3D cultures allow cells to self-assemble into tissue-like structures, offering a more accurate representation of in vivo conditions. This not only enhances the functionality of the cells but also ensures that primary cells retain, and immortal cell lines regain, the ultrastructure and functionality of their parental tissue.

    The ClinoStar Solution

    CelVivo’s ClinoStar system emerges as a beacon of hope in this context. Designed to culture cells in 3D (with or without matrix support), it mimics tissue-like growth conditions leading to tissue-like structures and in vivo-like functionality (Fig.1). The ClinoStar system ensures low shear forces, optimal gas, and nutrient exchange, leading to the creation of homogenous and reproducible organoids and spheroids. Such a setup is pivotal for most research areas where mimicry of the complex structure of human organs is required. For example neurobiology, where the need for models that can closely replicate human brain development and maturation is paramount, due to the major differences between mice and human brain structures and the need to more accurately measure neurotoxicity in the context of a human biomimetic blood-brain-barrier.

    Fig.1: the ClinoStar system incubator

    ClinoReactor: The All-In-One Bioreactor

    Complementing the ClinoStar is the ClinoReactor (Fig.2), an all-in-one bioreactor designed for efficiency and precision. Its built-in humidification system minimizes the risk of infections, while clear materials allow for easy monitoring and microscopic imaging. Ports designed for easy media exchange and multiple sampling make the ClinoReactor a researcher’s best friend.

    Fig.2: a ClinoReactor

    User-Friendly Interface

    The ClinoStar system is not just about advanced technology; it’s also about user experience.

     As many as six ClinoReactors with separately controlled conditions can be used simultaneously in one ClinoStar system.

    The intuitive software controls temperature, CO2 levels, and each of the 6 clinostat motors independently. Researchers can monitor their experiments without disturbing the growing cells, thanks to the integrated cameras.

    Making the Transition

    For researchers accustomed to 2D cultures, the transition to 3D might seem daunting. However, with the ClinoStar system, this transition is usually seamless. Researchers can continue to use the same media and environmental conditions, starting from single cell suspensions in most cases, ensuring consistency while reaping the benefits of advanced 3D cultures (Fig.3).

    The ClinoStar system by CelVivo is a testament to the advancements in 3D cell culture technology. It promises a future where research is not just about observing cells but understanding them in a biomimetic environment that better mirrors human physiology.

    Fig.3: Spheroids cultured in a ClinoStar system.

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