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Our partners are world leaders in the development and manufacture of specialized products, software tools, and equipment for use in research and diagnostic laboratories as well as the pharma and biotech industries.
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Molecular Biology

Our portfolio involves isolation and characterization of DNA or RNA for use in applications such as genotyping, gene expression analysis, epigenetic analysis, microbiome studies and more. Experimental methods fundamental to nucleic acid analysis include nucleic acid extraction and clean up, DNA/RNA quantification, PCR, molecular cloning and sequencing.

Cell Analysis

Promega cell biology products include bioassays for biologics drug discovery, cell health assays, reagents to detect and quantify the activity of signaling pathways, energy metabolism assays, oxidative stress assays, and products to confirm the identity of cell lines. We also provide microplate readers optimized for use with our luminescence- and fluorescence-based assays

Cell Culture

To ensure your research is high quality, use authenticated cells. we are delivering more relevant in vitro models and research tools, such as authenticated and characterized primary cells as well as immortalized, stem, and continuous cell lines; disease and cellular pathway-specific cell line panels with genomic metadata; and assay ready genomic DNA.

Genetic Identity

Genetic identity section cover topics of interest to forensic DNA analysis or paternityand gentic testing labs. Example subjects in this series include probabilistic genotyping, DNA sequencing for forensic labs, and Y-screening and direct amplification of sexual assault samples.


Lab equipment used in molecular and cell biology labs includes highly specialized instrumentation for data collection and analysis, equipment designed to automate repetitive processes, increase productivity and free up time, and routine laboratory supplies


While working with ATCC the leading innovator in microbial scientific discovery and a trusted resource of microbiological materials we can help youexplore the vast collection of bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, protozoa, algae, and releted nucleic acids or molecular tools today.

Protein Analysis

Based on Promega’s unique portfolio of protein analysis laboratory products include mass spec proteases, protein purification tags/resins and fluorescent ligands, cell-free and cell-based protein expression systems, and novel methods for detecting and studying proteins at endogenous expression levels.


Research Areas



Cancer Research

Diabetes & Obesity



Clinical Research & Diagnostics

Drug Discovery

Custom Solutions

Cell Authentication

Cell Authentication

Cell line misidentification can result in your publication being retracted and data invalidated, as well as financial losses and damage to your credibility. Whether you require standalone cell authentication or a customized cell authentication tailored to your specific needs, our team will develop the solution that enables you to validate your findings. Contact us

Cell bank production

Cell bank production

If you need to expand cell lines to create master and working cell banks for your assay needs, we can support any cell and tissue banking need, including stem cell banking. Cell lines can be supplied by you, taken from the ATCC catalog, or from primary cells that are sourced and derived to your specifications. We'll work with you at every stage of the cell bank development process from project initiation to large-scale production of your cells and microbes. Contact us

Custom media production

Custom media production

Using our partners' proven custom media production capabilities, we can smoothly adapt formulations and processes to fulfil your raw material specifications and regulatory documentation requirements. Contact us

Automating your workflow

Automating your workflow

Whether you are new to assay automation, need help with quick setup, or require expert assistance in selecting and adapting a chemistry to your liquid handling system, our team can help. We will work closely with you to implement an automation solution that's tailormade to meet your unique requirements. Contact us

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For decades, researchers have relied on our media, cell cultures, reagents, and kits for their laboratories. Our proven products and equipment are sourced from leading companies for use in cell culture & analysis, protein analysis, and more. Working closely with our customers, our handpicked team devises custom solutions for cell authentication and cell bank production and specialized kits and reagents to help researchers achieve the results they want.


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